22 Jul 2022

Spain has long attracted the interest of investors from all over the world.

However, the last six months were a big surprise for real estate agencies on the Costa Blanca.

According to, according to statistics, such an increase in the number of properties purchased by Poles abroad has not been recorded for many years.

Spain enjoys the greatest interest, followed by Portugal, Italy and France!

This doesn't surprise us! Indeed, from March until now, we have recorded a significant increase in transactions compared to previous years.

Why do Poles decide to buy real estate on the Costa Blanca?

The main reason is, of course, the galloping inflation in Poland, as well as the fact that, for example, for the price of a studio apartment in Warsaw, you can buy an apartment in a warm country.

Our compatriots also notice the difference in prices between holidays in Poland and abroad.

This encourages people to invest in real estate in Spain even more, both to have their own holiday home and to rent it to tourists.

The most interesting offers disappear quickly!

As a result, real estate prices, unlike prices in Poland, are not falling, on the contrary. Real estate owners seeing great interest often increase the prices of their houses!

The question will probably arise: Is this a good time to buy?

Of course!

Our coast is constantly developing and the weather is consistently good.