New decoration in our city!

New decoration in our city!
14 Sep 2023

Many of you probably associate the city of Torrevieja with beautiful, pink flamingos.

Did you know that they are protected? Beautiful birds that you can never fully admire. They like the area around salt lakes, near the cities of Torrevieja and La Mata.

An interesting fact is that their color changes to intense pink after eating salt crustaceans.

Very often, tourists come to areas inhabited by them, especially for them, but these beautiful birds do not always want to show themselves to the world, especially when called by tourists :-)

Therefore, the city decided to create a beautiful, breathtaking decoration on one of the roundabouts in Torrevieja. Large pink flamingos look wonderful.

I must admit that this is a great idea!

See for yourself in the photo. Photo by Dirk Declerq.

And what do you think about them?

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