Healthy life – Mediterranean Diet

Healthy life – Mediterranean Diet
15 Sep 2022

Spanish cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world and is widely considered tasty.

It is eagerly used by people who want to lose excess weight and change their eating habits to a healthier one. Mediterranean dishes are composed in such a way that they provide us with many valuable nutrients.

The common denominator for various varieties of the Mediterranean diet is the fact that the inhabitants of the Mediterranean countries are famous for their hospitality and love of cooking.

It is not without reason that many of the most famous chefs come from Spain.

The basis of this diet is fish and seafood, which are a rich source of protein and have only 2% fat, fresh vegetables and fruit.

In addition, aromatic herbs and olive oil dominate here. Although Mediterranean dishes have different appearances in many countries, they have in common their low calorie content, beneficial effect on the circulatory system and, above all, lightness.

Spanish cheeses are low in calories, which means that even eating them in large quantities does not contribute to weight gain.

Moderate consumption of red wine protects against the development of some lifestyle diseases.

Mediterranean cuisine and, on the other hand, the extraordinary climate mean that more and more people from all over the world become owners of real estate in Spain.

Traditional Spanish gastronomy dishes include:

Tortilla – an omelette made of potatoes and eggs fried in olive oil. Tortillas come in many different varieties, often with additions such as onions, mushrooms or beans. Tortilla can be both the basis of the main course and serve as a tapas, i.e. a snack.

Gazpacho – a type of cold soup made of cucumbers, onions, peppers, tomatoes, wine vinegar and olive oil, served with croutons. According to the Spaniards, gazpacho is an ideal proposition for hot days - especially here in Torrevie - a dish that is both nutritious and refreshing. Sometimes gazpacho is also prepared with seafood.

Patatas bravas – potatoes cut into cubes and deep fried, the dish is served with a spicy sauce.

Paella – a dish first created in the mid-19th century. The dish includes chicken and rabbit meat, rice and spices. Paella is necessarily seasoned with saffron, which gives the dish not only the right taste, but also the right color. Everything is served in a frying pan. Some versions of paella are prepared with seafood or fish, especially in the Valencia region.

Jamon serrano – raw, dried ham from pork leg or shoulder. Serrano ham is believed to be more delicate even than Parma ham.

Sangria – delicious wine with chopped fruit and ice.

Which of the above have you eaten recently?

If you would like to taste them, don't wait and come to the sunny Costa Blanca.