Our work is our passion!

Our work is our passion!
5 Apr 2023

2023 is a special year for real estate agencies. The shopping boom on the Costa Blanca causes great confusion and selection of real estate offices and pseudo-agents. Looking back, many thoughts come to mind. Every year we have a growing need not only to help our clients buy real estate, but also to educate others and provide transparent information about the regulations on the Spanish market.


We are a company registered in the database of Spanish agencies, in the API group. We deal in real estate on the Spanish Costa Blanca. Our agency is, above all, an enterprise with an individual approach to each client and each situation. Each of us brings diverse and extensive real estate experience. We have been working in the investment sector for many years, so we have invaluable knowledge of Spanish legislation regarding the purchase and sale of real estate. Experience in the trade of personal and corporate property guarantees that the process of purchasing real estate with us will take place efficiently, quickly and without unnecessary misunderstandings. We have various types of investments, both from the primary and secondary markets. A full range of offers at attractive prices will allow you to make a good choice and make the right investment in Spain.

Each of our transactions is a comprehensive service for our clients, starting from:

from the first telephone or e-mail inquiry, and ending with

a nice toast called a "housewarming party".

Most often, our relationship does not end with the purchase of an apartment or house.

We are with you when you decide to sell or buy something

bigger. We are there when you start your first business in Spain, when

you develop and when you retire.

In our work, we are guided by the most important values for us, which are:

transparency and honesty.


A valuable element of our work is the first contact by e-mail or telephone. Because we try to select the right offers for you, your needs, dreams and purpose of purchasing real estate are very important to us. There are completely different factors when purchasing an investment property and when choosing a house for permanent residence. During the first conversation, we also talk about our region and the opportunities it offers. Because we operate on the entire Costa Blanca, we openly talk about the pros and cons of each location the coast offers.

After exchanging observations and offers by e-mail, it is best to plan a reconnaissance visit on site, which we fully organize.

We will tell you where to rent a car, which hotel to book, and if necessary, we will pick you up from the airport.

The reconnaissance visit lasts approximately 2 - 3 days. With a good examination of your needs and no product exclusivity, the choice is huge. We try to help you choose your home, based on your needs as well as our knowledge of the market.

After you have selected the property, we begin the formalities.

First, we sign a preliminary real estate purchase and sale agreement, also known as a reservation agreement. We have made every effort to ensure that this contract protects both the seller and the buyer. The contract prepared by our lawyer is in three languages: official Spanish, Polish and English.

It contains all the most important legal and tax issues.

To sign such a contract, all you need is a passport or ID card.

The contract also involves the payment of a deposit. The deposit amount ranges between EUR 3,000 and EUR 5,000 in the case of the secondary market, and EUR 5,000-10,000 in the case of the development market. The deposit can be paid from an account you have in your country.

From the moment it is signed, your property is already reserved for you and our office takes full legal responsibility for the entire transaction.

This is important because thanks to this you can sleep peacefully, which is extremely important to us!

Our legal department deals with the audit of a given property.

The next step, in which we also help, is obtaining a number

NO. (foreigner identification number), a bank account in Spain and the appointment of a tax representative in order to be able to submit tax returns to the tax office in the future.

If you are considering a loan in Spain, we act as an intermediary between the state and Spanish banks.

If everything goes well and there are no contraindications, we proceed to signing the notarial deed. Usually, the deadline for signing the deed is set at a maximum of two months from the date of reservation. We are also here on this important day for you.

We provide the care of a sworn translator and appoint a guardian of your property - who, from the moment you hand over the keys, is also with you in simple activities that will help you settle in Spain.