Long live sport in La Mata

Long live sport in La Mata
5 Apr 2022

The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, accompanied by a large part of the councilors, presented the future sports pavilion in La Mata as the Multifunctional Social Center in La Mata, which was attended by many people associated with the world of local sports, as well as the architect who prepared the project, Miguel Antonio Mateo Sánchez.

The mayor pointed out that La Mata has for years needed to supplement its sports facilities with a covered facility where various forms of sports can be organized.

Currently, there is an outdoor sports field in Perfecta Rodríguez Park, but it does not have its own service facilities, such as changing rooms, nor is it adapted for playing any competitive sports.

After recognizing this need, the Torrevieja City Council, after considering the Internal Reform Plan, obtained in 2014 the free transfer of a plot of 1,367 square meters for the construction of an indoor sports hall.

Currently, the Internal Reform Plan is being updated to adapt it to the program needs of the sports facility.

The future pavilion is located at the entrance to La Mata, at the N-332 roundabout, in the block consisting of Delfín, Francia and Avenida de los Daneses streets.

The works are scheduled to start in September/October next year, the expected implementation time is 14 months, so that the works can be completed by the end of 2024. The budget is approximately EUR 3 million.

The La Mata pavilion will be equipped with a multi-functional pitch with dimensions of 44 x 23 m2, with the possibility of playing FOOTBALL, VOLLEYBALL, HANDBALL, BASKETBALL and BADMINTON in accordance with the detailed regulations of the higher Sports Council -CSD-. The transverse layout also allows several simultaneous events to be combined.

The facility will accommodate 204 seats, two locker rooms for teams and two locker rooms for referees, an external lobby with an area of 243 m2, a café with an area of 38.21 m2 and two multi-functional rooms with an area of 100 and 90 m2.

Eduardo Dolón has been Mayor for 5 years, it would be too much to tell how much good he has done for this city.

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